Position In Band

Vocals, Lyricist, Laughs, Beast Mode, French Translator

Musical Influences

Jeff Healey, Megadeth, Bloodbath, Carcass, At The Gates, Ray Stevens, Vincent Price, Iron Maiden, Micheal Jackson, CCR, Sam Cooke, Cattle Decapitation, Triumph, Porcupine Tree, Death, Testament, Slayer, Pantara, Motley Crue, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, almost all 50's and 60's.

Favorite Bands

Darkane, Soilwork, Meshuggah, Primus, Martyr, Sikth, Scarve, Zimmer's Hole, Into Eternity, Black Dahlia Murder, Cannibal Corpse, Buckethead, Satyricon, The Rolling Stones, Beyond Creation, Quo Vadis, Macabre, Mushroomhead, Mercenary, Labyrinth.

Other Hobbies

Comedy (laughing), Horror and B movie collector, Hockey, Fart Casting, Pets, Gaming, Coin Collecting, Chess, Drama, Beard Growing, Weight Lifting and Dennis... 

Musical Background

Started playing bass guitar at 15 but have been singing my entire life. 1st had training in choirs. Used my musical abilities lots in comedy and drama. Brief stint in an alternative band on bass named On The Verge but my 1st serious music venture was Divinity. Joined in 2000 at 20 years of age. Played bass 00-04. Joined Insidious (vocals) 05-06. Recorded Those Who Remain "Still" EP in 08. Did backup vocals on The Singularity. (whatever year that was lol 10?) And rejoined in (whatever year awestruck) but had an absence for one yearish to work. But came back in 13 or 12? as a permanent vocalist to current. And Dennis always loomed..